Fairy Gypsy Bride

This weeks effort is a little Fairy Gypsy bride.
I think she is a bit raggedy but beautiful all the same.
She stole some old net curtains from the humans to make her dress.
She holds in her hand the heart of the Gypsy king she is to marry. awww!!!!
Do you think I should get busy making him so the wedding can proceed ? LOL !
I have been too busy making a sculpt of Meatloaf as a birthday gift to even start on him yet.
Will update when the wedding invitations are ready. xxx


tinypearl5758 said...

Welcome back, I hope all is well with you.

She is lovely, I think you should make the groom.

You don't want her to be lonely do you? hahahah!!!!!


Ewa said...

She is very beautiful!Best wishes from Poland:)

alusia39-kokusia said...

Proszę o przyjęcie mnie do grona wielbicieli.Bardzo piękne prace,wspaniałe.

Fadas de Luz said...

Lindo trabalho. parabéns.