My Great News (SOLD)

I went for operation results and was told all the cancer has all been removed, thank God. I had a level 3 tumor and 10 lymph gland removed. I still have Chemo and Radio therapy treatments to complete lasting up to around Christmas. That is no price to pay for my life friends.
I have made a Angel in thanks, for surely the Angels have blessed me these past weeks.
I have as usual her wings to make haha! but here is what I have so far.
Hope you like her friends. xxx
I have made her wings this afternoon so some update photos. xxx


Caz said...

I wish you well in your recovery. x

JanJ said...

So glad to hear your news Rita, take care

Jan xx

Dessa Rae said...

Thank goodness for the good news.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Take care,
Dessa Rae

Anna said...

Rita I wishing you a complete recovery!!
I know this problem, in 2006 october I had the breast cancer and the mastectomy.
Your angel is so beautiful!
Sorry for may bad english!

Sue said...

Rita, that is indeed, the BEST news! Sending speedy healing/recovery wishes your way. Glance often at your beautiful little angel.

nikkisnoveltygifts said...

Good to hear your news Rita. I hope your recovery is soon complete. Your angel is lovely - I love her little delicate fingers :)

Max said...

Me alegra saber que todo te va mejor, me ha dado tristeza lo que comentas, seguro que no te faltarán ni ángeles y hadas que veles por ti.
Un abrazo.

Streamfairy said...

I'm really happy for your good news... a friend of mine is going through an operation for cancer, tomorrow; I hope everything weiill be alright

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your good news. I wish you all the best for a complete recovery.
Your angle is beautiful, and not all angels have wings, there are some that walk along side of us on the earthly plane. It could be someone close to you. xxx Gina