Welcome 2012

Another year has sped by so quickly. The Christmas preparations kept me so busy I almost missed the shortest day lol!
Now the days grow longer at last. I find it so difficult to work under a craft lamp. You just cant beat natural light.
As i have made a bed for my Sleeping Beauty, I have some photos to post, So here she is sleeping though the winter months, just as I wish I could do haha!.

Thank you for your visit. xxx


CarolC1 said...

How peaceful and elegant she looks lying there on her delecate lace bedding. I bet that took some tiny stitches too. Altogether a lovely picture.

Sue said...

Your sleeping beauty and her bed are wonderful! You almost want to whisper "shhhhhhh" when you view her!

alvskimmer said...

So beautiful!

craftyJane said...

your sleeping beauty is gorgeous and it is just so natural a looking sleep Fantastic work xxx