Just another Fairy

This is a commission sculpt for a lovely friend.
There was no specifics, She said " Just a Fairy "
So I did just that.
Any suggestions with a name for her are more than welcome.
I seem to have a mental block.
Its been hectic all summer. Now the kids are back at school, I may have more time to sculpt eh?
Well here she is.


Marisa Stein said...

ok, I watched the Tinkerbell movie this weekend and I'm partial to the name "Lavinia"*she's the wind fairy I think* she gets trapped by the Dad it's all very exciting!

you really should watch it, I give it two thumbs up and that's my choice for a name.


Marisa :)

Dessa Rae said...

Beautiful Fairy!! I like the name "Tiny Dancer". Love her hair!!

Elin said...

She's beautiful. Did you come up with a name for her?