Are you ready for the Hallowed season ?

Whoooo its October and soon to be HALLOWEEN !                           
 Time for ghostly parties and pumpkins, witches, elves and spooks etc.
It got me thinking about the Halloween dolls I have made in the past and wondered if there was anything new I could do.
 I was going through my photos and deiced to do a post on past work. Easy access on here for reference looks lol.

  • Some dolls, Some of myself Hubby and the Grandchildren


Well it been a long time since I wrote a blog post.
Had a lot of trouble getting onto the dashboard so had to keep leaving it till I had more time.
I seem to have very little time to blog these days, I  look after my youngest Granddaughter Freya from 8am till 6pm through the week except Tuesday. So I have my other granddaughters that day.

So any crafting is down to a minimum. I really miss it and get very frustrated at times, But they are only little for such a short time I gladly forgo my sculpting to a later time.

However ! look what I have made for my last doll.
Didn't know if it would turn out well or not but got no sleep one night thinking how to make a Penny Farthing Bicycle for my doll. Just had to give it a try eh ?
This little project might ease the need for a while, I hope haha!
Hope you like it my friends. xxx

Work in progerss

I have started a new doll and will try to post photos of my progress.
Not sure who this little lady is quite yet !
But here is what i have so far.
I have a wire armature and the head sculpted with Fimo Soft flesh Clay.
I bulked out the wire with Kitchen foil that kinda sculpts also.
Then wrapped the whole frame with decorators masking tape.
( I prefer the paper florist tape that clings better and holds the clay well, but all out of it sob ! ))
So watch this space for the next installment haha !

Little update to this post.
 Just a couple of photos which you will guess she is now going to be pose-able and not a static sculpt.

 She has her flesh on and her face on, I have covered her with tiny fish net undergarments, ready for her dressing session.  
Made a start on her over the knee boots from some faux suede fabric. 
The leg part is on one leg, but only the foot on the other, I keep forgetting to get the camera out and snap the progress lol !
Keep watching Steinworks ! <3 p="">

Well all done I think ! I decided to make her Steampunk 4 cant think of a name fro her yet. She is the 4th Steampunk doll I have made. 
I love the bits of junk you can add to a steampunk pjoject . Hope you like how I dressed her. I love making them loose jointed as you can have fun when it comes to the photos too. I am still just a little girl playing with her dolls yikes !
And now some photos.

Decided to alter her hat and plait her hair, Cant stop tweaking this doll. Will I ever be able to part with her ? Yep she is going on Ebay as I am desperate for clay sob !

Critters !

I have made some little critters, Faun's  from fairyland.
They are all polymer clay and mixed media ie Faux Fur etc.
Hope you like my little folk xxx                     

Clara Klucks Art Doll

Well what can I say about Clara ? This little fairy likes to clown around and has put her make up on to suit.
She is polymer clay on a wire armature.
Hope you enjoy these photos of Clumsy Clara Klucks.


Posting a selection of the work I have recently completed.
I have been busy with the birth of my 7th Granddaughter " Freya " and helping her Mum.
My oldest Granddaughters prom ( many beads and crystals to sew on her prom dress )
While we always find time to create, I am afraid my blog has been neglected somewhat.

So a little catch up post.

Little Nell

Meet " Little Nell "
she is my version of the famous Nell Gwyn.
Sculpted in Polymer clay and dressed in mixed media fabrics.
Tibetan Lamb hair.
Her basket of oranges I crochet and the oranges are clay.