Well it been a long time since I wrote a blog post.
Had a lot of trouble getting onto the dashboard so had to keep leaving it till I had more time.
I seem to have very little time to blog these days, I  look after my youngest Granddaughter Freya from 8am till 6pm through the week except Tuesday. So I have my other granddaughters that day.

So any crafting is down to a minimum. I really miss it and get very frustrated at times, But they are only little for such a short time I gladly forgo my sculpting to a later time.

However ! look what I have made for my last doll.
Didn't know if it would turn out well or not but got no sleep one night thinking how to make a Penny Farthing Bicycle for my doll. Just had to give it a try eh ?
This little project might ease the need for a while, I hope haha!
Hope you like it my friends. xxx

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