Little Dancer

I am still having a struggle making fairy wings. But think I have finally managed to master them now.
meanwhile, here is a little sculpt I have been working on today. I haven't a name for her yet, And she needs to be a lot more ornate.
Well have a preview for now.


JanJ said...

Oh she's just gorgeous, you're so clever

Jan x

Rita said...

Thank you Jan, your very kind comments. I keep trying for perfection lol, though I seriously doubt I will ever get there ha ha!!
Happy Birthday to little Sophie. xxx Rita

Zoe said...

~I love her, she is adorable

Carol............. said...

Such creativity! I love your faeries.

nikkisnoveltygifts said...

Rita, I also struggle with fairy wings :(
She is so gorgeous - well done!

Anonymous said...

she's cute! The costume and pose looks South-East Asian, like Thai dance?