Breast Cancer Art project

My recent brush with the dreaded word Cancer led me to a forum of fellow sufferers. I found support and realms of wisdom there, but most of all, Fantastically brave women of all ages and persuasions.
A wonderful girl I met there named Anna has envisioned a Art project, to raise funds and awareness of Breast Cancer.
While many a brave lass is going to pose for a calendar (not me hahaha!!!)
Any Art work that expresses our feelings is more than welcome, and to be exhibited then auctioned .
So of course my input had to be a sculpt eh?
I found this harder than I thought in many ways. My sculpting has been my escape from the dark place I have been. Sculpting fantasy figures far from the reality I was facing If you see what I mean? However I did my best to stick to the truth of what my feelings and unexpected sorrow of losing all my hair felt like (not the breast, just wanted rid of that AHH! ) in the sculpt.
Anyway to cut to the chase friends, Here's my offering.
Its not pretty. But it was never meant to be.


tinypearl5758 said...

Oh Rita, I truely hope you are do well. I thought you might be going through something as your posts were getting longer in between.

I love your doll, and it shows that you are becoming stronger. It is a very brave thing you are doing, putting your demon on show.

You should be very pround of yourself as all your family and friends will most definately be.

Good luck with everything you do sweeite. xxx

BlacknickSculpture said...

That is a powerful piece of work you've created! It really hit home with me as my Mom is a two time breast cancer survivor.

I hope you are feeling better and wish you the best of luck with your recovery.

Shpangle said...

I very rarely show my emotions but I just couldn't hold back my tears reading that...and that hasn't happened to me for a very very long time

The sculpture captures everything.


Streamfairy said...

Hi rita, hope you're well, this really is a piece of art.

Rita said...

Thank you so much friends.
I have definitely put a demon to rest eh?
I sometimes think nobody even looks at my little old blog.
How wrong I am.
I am overwhelmed by your lovely comments friends.
I am doing very well now and putting a very strange and scary year behind me.
I fully intend to make every day count that I have been given back to me.
God is good.
He has truly held my hand through some very dark days.
Wishing you and yours Long happy healthy lives. Bless you all xxx Rita

Moonbeam Angel said...

Rita, I am like Mick (Shpangle) I very rarely show my feelings but your words brought me to tears. I know many brave ladies such as yourself and their bravery puts me to shame. I have so much admiration for all of you. I don't find your sculpt "un-pretty" she has her beauty in her bravery! well done. I am so pleased you are doing well and have come through the horrible "C" long may you continue to bring us such light with your beautiful work xxx

bodrighy said...

You say it isn't pretty but wasn't meant to that I think you have failed as it is beautiful. Art should, above all express emotion and this surely does that and not in a anegative ay. It shows a courage and tenacity to live on and enjoy life despite setbacks. As a man I have no chance of comprehending what you have been through (I have only ever been to a hospital as a visitor and a doctors twice) but in this I see something of what you went through and have risen above.


mylittlebookofpictures/blogger said...

She is just gorgeous.. Have you thought of a Cervical Cancer doll? I'm 23 on my 3round of treatment. Your doll brought a smile to my face. Bless you with your fight.

Forever a fan,
Aashleigh 23

Anonymous said...

Rita, I hope 8 months after your trials you are still doing well. I just found your blog and think it is absolutely are very talented. Your Breast Cancer piece speaks volumes and is unique and beautiful in not only what is seen but what radiates from the emotion it evidently was created from. Wishing you well and a continued successful recovery.