Gothic Realm of the Night.

Love to do a Gothic sculpt, They are so dark and dramatic.
I love her long raven black hair and her hat.
I could do doll after doll on a Goth theme.
I haven't decided on a name for her yet, and I may do some more work on her.
Do you think she would be overdone if I gave her wings?
I am also wondering if some black tears and tattoos are going to spoil her hmmmm !
Will post what I have now and do a catch up later.
Help me decide ! I can dither too much sometimes.


Sabriam - said...

she's steampunk!!! That is so awesome!!! I am creating a steampunk reborn, just have to do the clothing for her :) I love your fairy, hope you're able to think of a good name!

Rhissanna said...

I love her pose. She looks so lively!

Johanna said...

She looks great Rita just as she is.
If you did add a tattoo, I would only add a very tiny one on her shoulder or thigh.
If you add black tears you could ruin her because she is perfect just as she is really.
Little is more.

Rita said...

Aww Thanks Ladies. I have decided to leave well alone and start another doll.
Oh my ! I will have to move out soon. Its getting a tad overcrowded here haha!
I just cant stop, no way.

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Hi Rita, Trace here from ADO. I accidently added you to ADO members board somehow. You posted a picture here:
I am so sorry but please can you remove, for some reason it is not permitting me. ADO will be announcing application for new members within 2 weeks over at the main facebook page. Please apply if you would like to become a member. Thank you Rita, Trace x