HRH " Young Bess "

I have just finished this Doll, I wanted to do a period Doll that can be posed. Not a tiny one this time, She is about 10 ins tall with her big Henin hat giving hermore hight.
I made her dress with Ivory velvet and lots of tiny seed beads sewn on her dress and Hat.
 I had the Elizabethan era in mind when I dressed her. When I came to wig her she suited the Red Tibetan hair. So I thought I would name her HRH Elizabeth I.
Then came the notion HRH " Young Bess "
I hope you like my new Doll. I am rather attached to her ha ha!

I think I will find it hard to sell this one, but I must keep up my war against Cancer with my little fund.
I may have won my war, but many are still fighting.
My one fear is that I may have passed a bad Gene to my dear Daughter or my six beautiful Granddaughters. I pray I am the last and we will find a cure very soon.
So until that day, the war must go on.......
Thank you for looking friend. xxx


Johanna said...

She is lovely Rita and the costume is stunning.

If you do sell her I really hope you get a very good price for her, you deserve it.

Well done too for your fighting spirit against cancer.

My friend of 40 years is in remission at present but I am dreading when she has to come off the Chemo for a while.
Lots of prayers are going up for her and all others with this problem.

Take care and God Bless! xx

Rhissanna said...

She's really lovely. She shows a lot of love and care and I know how hard it is to part with a doll, sometimes. That's why I take a lot of photographs.

Very good news about that horrible disease. I hope you go from strength to strength and yes, they need to hurry up and fix this! Treatment is fine, but a guaranteed cure is needed.

craftyJane said...

This is one gorgeous doll, I have so enjoyed my journey through your blog thanks for inviting me xxx

Dessa Rae said...

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments...
Your doll is exquisite..I know how you feel about selling her.
Thank goodness you have won the cancer war...
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Dessa Rae