Triumph over Breast Cancer

This Sculpture was a very special commission,
A wonderful Lady I met online because of our mutual war with Breast Cancer, She contacted me and asked could I do her a Art Doll that had only one breast, not in any sad way, but to depict she can still celebrate her body, Is still a Woman who, yes she has battle wounds, but she overcame them to live and embrace life.
She chose a Moulin Rouge theme, Basque stockings Frills and full of life.
But definitely no false boob or reconstruction.
I totally loved doing this Sculpt, all her sentiments matched my own.

I hope you all like her, and in some small way she may show others just starting on the awful journey of Breast Cancer, that there is still the greatest triumph to come.

Thank you for looking. xxx


Mags Cassidy said...

What a beautiful doll and lovely post.

SimJaTa said...

Fantastic, importantly if you hadnt pointed that bit out I wouldnt have notices she is so great.

Fabulous again.

Streamfairy said...

As usual, you are so cute and tender :-)
With Love