Carnival Fairy

This Fairy has taken me so long to do.
 I have been very busy,but she has fought me all the way.
I have batterd her before she was baked. Droped her on the floor.
Stood on her hat. Had to make another one.
Dripped paint on her legs.had to scrape and sand again.
Grrrrr! she has been a nightmare, little minx.
She is now all done (I think ) just hope she dosn't take flight via one of the grandkids like many a poor little Fae has in the past hahaha!!!
I had a Hospital Reviw on Wednesday that probhably made me twitchy.
The good news is I dont have to go back for a whole YEAR!!!!!!! yes, YES, yes!!!!!!!!
I think I am going to live forever, Been singing that song since haha!

Already at work on another, who seems to be a tad more happy to be in my hands bless her.
(or am  I just a lot calmer? )

Anyway here she is, the little tyke.


alvskimmer said...

She is lovely! :)
I love the purple colour.

Picto said...

Such good news about your review, it can be nerve wrecking having to wait for results, but as they say it's now onwards and upwards.
I've left an award for you on my blog if you want to check it out.

Jan x

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This kind of sculptures really freaks me out so much!