Top Hat Fairy

My latest make is this Fae in a Top Hat. She has been a lot of fun to make as I love to work in Gothic black Gitz and glamour. I forgot to take a photo of what she is standing on.
It is a half sphere black, and lots of glitter.
The Glittery bits are not showing up very well in the photos, so maybe it dosnt matter really I havent shown the stand at all.
Hope you like her friends. xxx


Sue said...

Rita she is wonderful! I love the top hat with her glam look!


tinypearl5758 said...

She is lovely. I especially love the dress you designed for her. xxx

Dessa Rae said...

Beautiful doll...Her costume is amazing...Beautiful work...
Dessa Rae

itsamistry said...

I've been enjoying reading your posts for sometime now and I wanted to let you know I'm sending you a blog award!

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dorsetgirl said...

You have an amazing talent with clay, I'd like to give you the One Lovely Blog Award, the details are on my page. x