Fairy with a story.

This is the the fairy I thought looked like she had seen a ghost.
She has a little story about her creation, so here goes....
It is my Aunt's birthday quite soon and I was told she admired my Faeries.

Which I didn't realise she knew I even made them or ever saw them , My cousin had shown her my blog on his lap top. so I started this one for her.
Her brother was my father and he used to make wooden money boxes on a fairy theme, They were Fairy houses with little critters all around them, Squirrels,  Butterflies and birds etc,
My Father has been gone almost 25 years now, but I still put all his crafting tools to good use.
I also kept all his finished and unfinished boxes and critters.
So for my Dads Sister I have added one of his little birds in her hand.
I think She will be quite pleased to receive them as a birthday gift, well I hope so.
What do you think friends?


Ali said...

She is beautiful - what a wonderful touch to add one of your Dad's creations too.

I am sure your Aunt is going to absolutely love her gift!

Ali x

Marisa Stein said...

I think she's going to love it, I love her myself! good job!

Marisa :)

Kryshees said...

wonderful! Such amazing detail. I'm sure she will love it.


Susan said...

Rita, she's wonderful, as are all your creations. The little bird that your dad made is the perfect touch. Very poignant. Very nice indeed. Your aunt will love it.

Picto said...

She is such a beautiful fairy and the bird is a heartfelt touch.

Jan x

SeniorCrafts said...

Such lovely detail! Your Dad's bird is a great touch - your Aunt will love it all! Nancy