Work in progerss

I have started a new doll and will try to post photos of my progress.
Not sure who this little lady is quite yet !
But here is what i have so far.
I have a wire armature and the head sculpted with Fimo Soft flesh Clay.
I bulked out the wire with Kitchen foil that kinda sculpts also.
Then wrapped the whole frame with decorators masking tape.
( I prefer the paper florist tape that clings better and holds the clay well, but all out of it sob ! ))
So watch this space for the next installment haha !

Little update to this post.
 Just a couple of photos which you will guess she is now going to be pose-able and not a static sculpt.

 She has her flesh on and her face on, I have covered her with tiny fish net undergarments, ready for her dressing session.  
Made a start on her over the knee boots from some faux suede fabric. 
The leg part is on one leg, but only the foot on the other, I keep forgetting to get the camera out and snap the progress lol !
Keep watching Steinworks ! <3 p="">

Well all done I think ! I decided to make her Steampunk 4 cant think of a name fro her yet. She is the 4th Steampunk doll I have made. 
I love the bits of junk you can add to a steampunk pjoject . Hope you like how I dressed her. I love making them loose jointed as you can have fun when it comes to the photos too. I am still just a little girl playing with her dolls yikes !
And now some photos.

Decided to alter her hat and plait her hair, Cant stop tweaking this doll. Will I ever be able to part with her ? Yep she is going on Ebay as I am desperate for clay sob !


Steinworks said...

I'll be watching! :)

Mardiroz said...

Your work is beautiful. She is amazing!

Rita said...

Thank you ladies, your words are so kind. xxx