Mini Elves for a Doll House.

I was running short of clay so had to down size my sculpts, I made some really little folk to fit a Doll house.
 They tested my eyesight big time, but I enjoyed making them, and their tiny clothes.

 I didn't think tiny wings would stand up to a bashing around a little house, so made them with tiny pointed ears to be Elves. Meet Evie Elf, Annie Elf, and the terrible twins Tippy and Tilly Elves.

I have just got my first block of ProSculpt to try out, I usually just sick to Light flesh Fimo. So wish me luck with the new clay haha!


CarolC1 said...

Your detail is so perfect. I love them.

craftyJane said...

another gorgeous collection, I just love the 'lady in red' xxx