Suzie Steampunk?

What? Lace Black Velvet and watch parts? Must be Suze Steampunk.
Been making this crazy fairy LOL! She is as loopy as myself hehe!
See what you think friends. I had great fun with her and may have a go at some jewelery with watch parts. Creative juices are a flowing eh?


Max said...

Maravillosa, y que diferente a las otras. :)

michele said...

Thank you for your lovely email message. I do hope you are feeling better soon and get back to crafting. This latest fairy looks delightful and a little naughty. I love it.
Best wishes,

Madly Creating said...

Yeah, she's awesome! :D

Sue said...

Suzie Steampunk - love it!

Dessa Rae said...

So adorable!!Love the Steampunk theme.

TicketyBoo Jewellery said...

wow ...I love her, she is amazing
she's very seven of nine looking (Star trek)...gorgeous work as always Rita

Sonia said...

WOW She's beautiful! I love Steampunk!!
kisses and tank you very much for your comment ^_^

P.S.Sorry for my horrible english!

tollykit said...

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