Tiny Mermaid

This is a tiny sculpt. Can you tell I was running out of clay? ha ha!.I have a few more tiny sculpts to bake, But new supplies have arrived. xxx


Mummy Boo Bear said...

You must be so patient with eagle eyes to work on such a small scale!

Just beautiful, I also loved the sleeping fairy in your previous post she is absolutey gorgeous!

Congratulation on your new camera by the way! It will make life a lot easier.

Sue said...

Rita she is so pretty! hmmm, I'm low on clay too
(don't you hate that panicky feeling you get)

Debby said...

very nicely done!

Simona said...

It's very very stupend...you are so good even the smallest details.
pass on my blog that there is a surprise for you.
By By

Eva said...

Ao pretty mermaid. I love her!

PuntoCroce said...

beautiful mermaid! is a show! complimenti e buon weekend!!
Maria Rosa