Edward Scissorhands

Here is a preview of how far I have got with Ed. I have put some temp hands on to get the feel of the character while I cut his hair. Still not sure where to cut the front yet, I will have to study some photos eh?,He needs lots of buckles and straps etc yet. Yep its another W.I.P. ha ha!!


angelique said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog. Do you want to be included in the drawing for free fabric, patterns, and shiney objects?

I love your Edward Scissorhands. He's still my favorite Johnny Depp character.

Your blog is so FULL of beautiful dolls! Way to go.

Chicken Lips said...

He's looking great! The hair is perfect!

PuntoCroce said...

Congratulations, this latest creation is fantastic! is a perfect reproduction of Edward Mani di Forbice!!!!
Maria Rosa

Craft Fairy said...

Hi Rita,
Edward is fantastic, as are your other creations. You are sooooo talented.

Patrizia Cozzo said...

Rita, thank you for your nice words on my sculptures ^____^

And... Congratulations on yours! They are lvely!

Edward is fantastic!!! I so love him! Actually, I love verything johnny Depp and Tim Burton do together!